Assessment: Time Management

This assessment will help you track your activities in an interactive format for an average day. You will log a variety of time-spent-on-tasks. The purpose of this assessment is to provide a holistic assessment of your ability to track tasks, including things like sleeping and eating!

Students’ lives can be very stressful and being able to manage your time effectively is essential. Watch the video below and complete the time management assessment below.

For this assessment, keep track of your activities for one typical weekday and one typical weekend day.  Then, provide the following information for each day (note: you do not have to submit the actual tracking record that you kept):

  • Amount of time per day spent sleeping:
  • Amount of time per day spent on personal care and family responsibilities;
  • Amount of time per day spent working:
  • Amount of time per day spent on school assignments:
  • Amount of time per day spent on social activities, including social media:
  • Are you overscheduled or do you need to prioritize your time differently?  If yes, where can you make changes?

It is okay to just provide general categories (Sleeping, Personal, Work, School, Social) and the amount of time before answering the final question.

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