What is E-Literacy?

In this section we explore perspectives and associated concepts used to describe literacy in the 21st century.

Circuit board absract.jpg "A man who does not read has no appreciable advantage over the man who cannot read
—Unattributed from “The Dodge Idea,” 1914.

Exploring Definitions

Conduct a search for the definitions of each of the following concepts. You must identify at least two sources for each concept and write down a definition for each concept in your own words.

  • Define e-literacy.
  • Define ICT literacy.
  • Define digital literacy.
  • Define media literacy.
  • Define information literacy.
  • Define new literacies.

Note the differentiating focus of each literacy concept.

What did you discover. Feel free to share personal insights by posting a comment on the forum, for example:

  • I think that <insert literacy> is ….
  • I didn’t realize that <insert literacy> …
  • For me, the most important thing about literacies for the 21st century is …

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