Theories and Models of Group Communication

These three videos give insight into how we communicate in small groups. In the first video, Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales and her students discuss the process of group communication and how technology has changed our notions of groups from face-to-face collections of people to group members connected by technology. In the second video, Carl Isaacson gives an overview of the components of group communication, and he leads the class in a discussion of the conflicts that can occur during group decision making. In the last video, Ryan Guy discusses the process of creative and critical thinking that assist or hinder successful group communication.

These videos explain theories and models of group communication and give examples. Listen in particular for information about group development, group functions, and the applications of theory that make for successful group decision making.



Source: Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales, Carl Isaacson, and Ryan Guy;
Creative Commons License These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

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