The Eight Parts of Speech

This text contains a list of the parts of speech. Review it, then complete the rest of unit one to learn about each part of speech in detail.

English uses eight parts of speech to build sentences. These words work together to make all kinds of messages. When you know what part of speech a word is, it's easier to see the meaning of a sentence. The parts of speech are:

Part of Speech

What is it?



A person, place, or thing

dog, apple, computer


Takes a noun's place

I, you, he, it


Describes a noun

red, small, pretty


An action word

run, sit, play*


Describes a verb

happily, slowly, briskly


Connects words to each other

in, on, around


Connects phrases

because, for, and


Tells emotion

oops, yay, oh no

*There are two kinds of verbs. We'll cover "states of being" verbs in ESL 002.


Source: Saylor Academy
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