Reading Comprehension

Read the text and choose the best answer for each question.

I am new to the city. I do not know anyone. But an old woman lives next door. Her name is Val. She gives me a big box of vegetables. She grows them in a garden by the sidewalk. There are carrots, tomatoes, beans, and peas. They are the best vegetables I ever ate. Val lives alone, too. But she seems happy in her garden. 

old lady gardening

She loves plants. Sometimes, I can hear her talking to them. Maybe that is why they grow so big. One day, I stop seeing Val in the garden. I see people take many boxes from her home. Weeds grow in her garden. The dirt is dry. The plants look sad. Val must have passed on. So I pull the weeds. I water the garden. I even talk to the plants. Then a family moves next door. They are new to the city. They do not know anyone. And I give them a big box of vegetables from Val's garden.

Task 1: Read the text again and answer the following five questions. (The next question will appear after you select an answer)

Task 2: Choose the correct meaning for each word or phrase.

Source: University of Victoria English Language Centre,
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