Read this resource and think of what interjections you hear during your day.

An interjection is a spoken or written expression of emotion like "Wow!" for surprise, "Ouch!" for pain, or "Damn!" for anger, or "Argh!" for frustration. These phrases can stand alone, and are usually capitalized and punctuated.  While interjections are very short, they communicate a great deal because they are typically used to express emotion. 

"Ouch! That hurts!" I said to the vampire.

Whoops! Did I forget to include you in the zombie plan?

oops sign
Because interjections communicate strong emotions, they should not be over-used. Also, check that your audience is familiar with the interjections you use since some are culturally and age specific. Here are additional examples of interjections: Aha,  Blah, Eek, Eww, Hmph, Whee,  Whew, Whoa, Yikes,Yum

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