Write About Your Daily Routine!

Throughout this course, you have learned some key phrases that are useful in explaining your daily routine to another person. In this section, you will demonstrate your knowledge of key vocabulary by describing a typical day in your life.

A routine is the set of actions you take most day. What do you do each day? Do you wake up and get dressed right away? Or do you enjoy a cup of coffee or tea before dressing? Do you go to work, school, or stay home and care for children? Routines follow a chronological order. Chronological means starting with the earliest event and moving in order of time.  Here are some examples: 

  • I slowly wake up as I feel the sun.
  • I jump out of bed when the alarm rings.  

Instructions: Click through the presentation below using the arrow or swiping with your finger, and describe your routine in the text fields. 

Source: Saylor Academy
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