Using Customer Service to Build Brand Loyalty in 2019: Data-Driven Tips

This post describes detailed strategies for companies to adopt to maintain customer loyalty. From consistent notifications to uploading service guides to offering an online portal, companies today must compete effectively with these data-driven tips to sustain a customer base and deliver a quality product or service.


How can you use technology to boost your public relations?

This means that digital customer relations is more important than ever. In a climate where information is constantly exchanged it is crucial that companies work to put their best foot forward. So, what does technology have to do with customer service?

Customer service is a relatively new concept in the business atmosphere. With the innovation of business and technology, consumers now expect more care and attention from companies. It’s not just a transaction anymore, it’s a relationship.

You can foster and maintain these relationships with your customers by tailoring your communication strategies to increase brand loyalty. For example, human interaction is highly important. If customers contact your business, they expect you to know who they are, what they purchased, and their previous engagements. People are willing to pay more for friendliness and exceptional customer service.

The infographic below provides data-driven, essential customer service statistics and trends for 2019. These insights will help you fine tune your customer care tactics in order to increase consumer satisfaction with your brand.

Infographic: 25+ Data-Driven Tips for Customer Service Teams

Infographic: 25+ Data-Driven Tips for Customer Service Teams


It is no secret that social media and other digital communication services are a double-edged sword. When your business does something good or inspiring, it can wash over the internet. Likewise, a controversial incident or accident can spread like wildfire.

This is why it is critical to devote resources to customer service. Having excellent customer service might not have an immediate perceivable effect, but it’s nearly impossible to bounce back from bad customer relations.

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