Sample Work Estimate: Jack's Auto Repair

Read this example of a work estimate for an auto repair shop. The author uses a table to create an easy-to-read work estimate for an auto repair. The data is organized so that customers can quickly see the number and types of repairs required, the number of work hours, the price per hour, and the total cost for each repair.

Here is an example of a spreadsheet that a small business might use to organize and present financial data. This example is for a work estimate an employee of an auto repair shop created for a customer.

Look at the estimate closely. Notice that the data is organized in a way that allows the customer to quickly determine the number and types of repairs required, the estimated number of hours of work required for each repair, the price per hour for each repair, and the total cost of each repair and of all repairs.

Notice that some text is all caps and some cells have borders (and some do not) to emphasize different parts of the estimate.

Image shows an invoice from Jack's Auto Repair. The invoice gives price per service and product and a sum total.

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