Summary of Logic Notation

Be sure to review this notation summary since these terms will be used throughout this unit.

The notation for logic operations has been gradually introduced as our study proceeds. Here is a summary:

∊     element of, x ∊ Y, x is an element of Set Y

∉     not an element of, x ∉ Y, x is not an element of Set Y

∧     and, conjunction, p ∧ q, p and q

∨     or, disjunction, p ∨ q, p or q

ᆨ     not, ᆨp, not p; sometimes you will see the letter with a line over it, other times, you may see a preceding minus sign

⟶    conditional implication, p ⟶ q, if p then q

↔     biconditional implication, p ↔ q, p if and only if q

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