Enabling Remote Desktops

Follow these steps in order to control your computer from a mobile device.

For this activity, you need a Microsoft Windows computer. Then follow the steps below in order to enable remote desktop control.

  1. Follow the instructions at “Enable Remote Desktop” to turn on the remote desktop server on your Windows machine. Note that to enable Remote Desktop, you need to set a username and password for your desktop computer. You also need to find the IP address of your desktop computer. For Microsoft based Windows computers, you can find the IP address by the following procedures: from Start choose “run” then type “cmd” in the run windows. When a terminal window shows up, type “ipconfig” and you will find your IP address.
  2. Open the Remote Desktop app you chose to download.
  3. Configure the app to connect to your Windows Desktop computer, which should be fairly straightforward. As an example, for the 2X Client RDP app, you need to input the IP address of your desktop computer in the “Server” field and the username and password of your Windows Desktop computer in the corresponding field. Then just click the “Connect” button.
  4. When you are connected to your desktop computer from the mobile device, try to use your desktop computer from the mobile device. For example, you can open the Internet Explorer browser to surf the web or edit a Microsoft Word document on your mobile device.

Source: Saylor Academy
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