Network Device Scanning

Follow the steps detailed in this document. You will learn how to scan for network devices in your local area network using a mobile device, in this case, the "LAN Scan HD" app.

For this activity, you need to have several devices connected to your network router such as WiFi access points or a wired network router. Then follow the steps below to find out which device is active in the network and what kind of services each device provides.

  1. Turn on several devices in your local area network. For example, turn on other desktop or laptop computers and some mobile devices with WiFi (or wired access) to your access point (or wired router).
  2. Run the app that you have downloaded for your iOS and try to scan all networked devices in the local area network, and the services running on those devices.
  3. For each IP address found by the app, you can check “Open ports,” “Bonjour Services,” “NetBIOS Data,” and “Send Wake Packets.”
  4. Use the “Send Wake Packets” command to wake up a sleeping desktop computer remotely with your mobile device. In order to carry out this part of the assignment, your target desktop computer needs to support the Wake On LAN function. For details on how to set this up, check:

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