Objectives, Outputs, and Outcomes

Read this short article, which succinctly differentiates between objectives, outputs, and outcomes.

Objectives and Outputs and Outcomes...Oh My!

I have submitted three grants over the past two weeks. All three of them had me doing my Wizard of Oz dance when it came to the section for goals and objectives. What is that?

Objectives and outputs and outcomes....oh my!

Just like "lions and tigers and bears", objectives and outputs and outcomes can be scary, especially when you are not clear on the difference is between them. Here is some help:

Objectives are your performance targets. You can have implementation objectives that measure your level implementation (number of clients served, processes put in place, etc.) and outcome objectives that measure the results of your project (improved achievement, healthier clients, etc.).

Outputs and outcomes are very similar to the two different types of objectives.

Outputs are similar to implementation objectives and outcomes are similar to outcome objectives. Outputs measure what you will be doing (services provided, processes developed, and deliverables).

Outcomes measure the results of what you do.

And all of these are different than goals, which are broad statements of purpose and intention. Objectives, outputs, and outcomes are very specific, but goals are broad.


Source: Veronica Robbins, http://grantgoddess.blogspot.com/search/label/objectives
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