How to Write a Letter of Introduction

This article presents a brief overview of what a letter of introduction to a grantmaker should include.

Writing a Letter of Introduction to a Grantmaker

Purpose: To introduce your organization to a potential grantmaker and ask their guidance regarding any or all of the following:

  • The funding programs your organization is most suitable for;
  • Technical assistance;
  • An in-person meeting;
  • Obtaining relevant information (such as a list of grant opportunities and/or past grant recipients, grant guidelines, annual reports, or applications).



  1. Begin by stating the purpose of the letter.

  2. Follow with a brief statement about or introduction to your organization.

  3. Provide a short description of the proposed program(s) or project(s).

  4. Explain how the project relates to the funder’s mission or priorities. Demonstrate why you believe there is a “match” or a rationale for your application.

  5. Demonstrate that you have done some research on the grantmaker by referencing key elements of their profile, guidelines, annual report, etc that relate to your organization and/or program.

  6. If you are not sure which of the grantmaker current funding opportunities to apply for, ask for their assistance in selecting which are most relevant to your program(s) or project(s).

  7. State any other areas in which you would like technical assistance or guidance.

  8. If you would like to meet with the grantmaker, ask them if they are available and to suggest a convenient time. Stress that you will not take up much of their time (i.e., 30 minutes).

  9. Close with your intention to follow up in a reasonable period of time.

Additional Information that May be Useful

  • Your organization’s brochure, annual report, program outline, photos, testimonials, media articles.

  • Documented need for the project.

  • Past results and/or accomplishments.

  • Current support for the proposed program or project (such as grants, fees for services, partnerships, or in-kind contributions) and a menu of how others can help (money, in-kind support, or partnership).

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