More on War Dialing

War dialing is a brute-force attack. How can auditing and monitoring reveal indicators of a war dialing attack?

Bruteforce Attacks


  • Brute force is defined as “trying every possible combination until the correct one is identified.”
  • The most effective way to uncover passwords is through a hybrid attack, which combines a dictionary attack and a brute force attack
  • A brute force attack is also known as an exhaustive attack.
  • These are usually used for wardialing in hopes of finding a modem that can be exploited to gain unauthorized access.


For phone brute force attacks, auditing and monitoring of this type of activity should be in place to uncover patterns that could indicate a wardialing attack:

  • Perform brute force attacks to find weaknesses and hanging modems.
  • Make sure only necessary phone numbers are made public.
  • Provide stringent access control methods that would make brute force attacks less successful.
  • Monitor and audit for such activity.
  • Employ an IDS to watch for suspicious activity.
  • Set lockout thresholds.

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