Logic Bombs

Read the section on logic bombs and DOS to comprehend the ability of this type of code, and how it can be used in a DOS attack.

Logic Bomb

A logic bomb is when there is a piece of code that has been placed intentionally into a software system. When specific conditions are met (like a date or a certain combination of keys being pressed), this code will set off harmful activities within your computer. For example, a programmer may place a logic bomb in the software so that when he leaves the company he is working for, all the information on his computer will be destroyed. (don't try this at work) w:Logic_bomb


DOS stands for Denial Of Service.This happens when a webserver cannot handle all the request asked. It "can" happenen legitimately when lots of people go to that website, but usually it happens because many computers have been zombied by a logic bomb virus to go to a specific website at the same time. 

Source: https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Introduction_to_Computers/Security
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