6.2: Discussion

Since you have watched the video lecture for unit 6, it's time to watch Dr. Saifedean moderate a discussion on the unit's theme by addressing questions asked by your fellow classmates. As you watch the discussion unfold, take notes to help you retain information. Make sure you watch the entire discussion seminar video, otherwise you may skip over important points. To get the best learning experience and mastery of the major concepts covered in this unit, you'll want to watch all videos in their entirety,

In this discussion seminar video, topics addressed include:
  1. What would happen if people hallucinate that water is money? Cars? Houses? Land?
  2. What would happen if people hallucinate that tree leaves are money?
  3. What would happen if everyone hallucinates that copper is money?
  4. People can't collectively hallucinate something wrong. What if someone breaks out of the hallucination?
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