Unit 2 Knowledge Check

In Unit 2, we used context clues to build vocabulary and considered the best word choices based on tone and diction. Now, you'll practice selecting the correct vocabulary to clarify the text for the reader.

Directions: Read the passage below. Using context clues, and considering the correct use of modifiers, drag and drop the correct words or phrases into the blanks.

Alexi knew she ___1___ to work at the local animal shelter after graduation. While she enjoyed helping the animals directly, her coursework focused primarily on ___2___ management and development. As a volunteer, she ___3___ conversations about money running low and the managers were concerned about the budget. Alexi prepared her ___4___, being careful to emphasize her ability to fundraise and keep an organization on track with its finances. She was excited for this big initial step into her ___5___ career.

Source: Saylor Academy
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