Unit 3 Knowledge Check

Unit 3 reviewed the best ways to use descriptive words and pronouns. We also had an opportunity to practice editing strategies to help find and correct errors in language use. Now, you'll read a short passage and then find and correct its grammar errors.


Read the passage below. Find and correct the grammar errors.

(1) The children gathered on the bright colored carpet in the middle of the classroom. (2) They were excited about the book their teacher was going to read. (3) All week they'd been learning about community helpers and today's book was about a bravely firetruck. (4) Each child found their spot and gazed up in awe as the teacher opens to the first page. (5) The quiet was short-lived, however, as a loud siren sounded outside his classroom window. (6) Each four-year-old lept to their feet, raced to the window, and cheered, as an actual firetruck raced down the road. (7) The teacher shook her head and smiled, knowing it would not be easily to settle them back down now.

Source: Saylor Academy
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