Protecting Human Capital

Watch this brief video, which introduces the value of human capital. While many organizations have a strategy for developing and nurturing their leaders, they also need to create strategies to manage their employees.

This video discusses an income statement, a financial statement that illustrates the revenue and expenses a business incurs during a specific period. Businesses should monitor the income and losses recorded on this statement daily to ensure the business is profitable. A balance sheet is a financial statement that illustrates its assets, liabilities, and owner's equity.

Businesses need to focus on increasing the value of their assets. When managing human capital, certain C-jobs and C-employees, and even certain B-jobs and B-employees, have the greatest impact on your income statement. The daily functions these employees perform to help an organization meet its goals and objectives are most often the most important. The A-jobs and employees are those with a high degree of risk (asset or liability), which makes their impact more strategic.

Source: Dan Springer
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