Arab Women as Business Leaders will Always be the Exception

This five-member panel debated the topic "Women, Civil Society and Leadership in a New Arab World". Follow along by reading the subtitles in English, and note the difference in opinion expressed by the men and women on the panel. One man, for example, explains that there are many women in business in various sectors. However, a woman panelist posits that if we look at the world of business as a world of profit and loss, there are exceptional and competent women who possess capital and leadership characteristics. Since they are capable of attracting capital, why are they being left out? She refers to families or traditions that may stand in the way of women's progress in business. Another obstacle for many women is that some Arab countries prohibit women from signing contracts or traveling to another country to conclude a deal. A vote is taken at the end of the debate to decide: Is the role of women in business less than it is supposed to be, or is it adequate? What do you think the vote will be?

Source: Dubai Debates
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