Rounding Out Arguments

Click 1.8-1.10.pdf link to view the file.

Read sections 1.8 through 1.10 (p. 23-36) to learn how to round out arguments, conceptually. Section 1.8 will distinguish between two types of argument: deductive, and inductive. Pay careful attention to the difference between these two, and think about which kind of argument you use more often. Section 1.9 will help you identify arguments with a missing premise and determine how and when to supply this missing premise. It will also introduce you to the principle of charity and the difference between normative and descriptive statements – three very important terms! Section 1.10 shows you three rhetorical devices to hint at further argument without actually going through the argument: assuring, guarding and discounting.

Complete Exercises 6 and 7, checking your answers against the keys on pages 210-211.