Friedrich Nietzsche's On the Genealogy of Morals

Read the book's first essay, titled "Good and Evil, Good and Bad", beginning on page 6, followed by the second essay, titled "Guilt, Bad Conscience, and Related Manners", beginning on page 27. As you read, pay particular attention to Nietzsche's account of how values and morals are created. Then, consider the following questions: According Nietzsche, what is the origin of the concept "good"? What is the origin of the concept "evil"? How have these concepts changed through history? What precipitated that change? Finally, how does resentment become creative? How have the terms bad, evil, and good evolved, according to Nietzsche? And how does Nietzsche predict the restoration of these terms to their original meaning? In other words, what must happen in order for this restoration to take place?