College Success: "Chapter 4, Section 4.3: Are You Really Listening?"

Pick up the Section 4.3 reading where you left off in Subunit 6.3 (from "Listening to Your Whole Body" onward) to learn additional strategies for staying active while you listen. Even if you are an online student, these skills will pay off great rewards. When interacting with online course content, eliminate distractions, lean forward, focus on what is being said and make note of questions you may have as if you were in front of a live instructor. Even though you may not have ready access to a live instructor who can immediately answer questions, noting your questions will allow you to focus on the material. You may be able to answer most of these questions through conducting independent reading of related texts, reviewing the course materials (textbooks, assignments, and lectures) and performing independent online research. You may also wish to establish or join a study group or online discussion forum in order to share questions and answers with fellow learners. After reading the rest of Section 4.3, make sure to complete the checkpoint exercises at the end of the reading.