More Practice with Arrays

Complete these assessments to test your understanding of arrays and how to use them.


Written Questions

1. describes an array subscript that is within the range of acceptable subscripts for its array

2. a single data item in an array

3. when each element in one array is associated with the element in the same relative position in the other array(s)

Matching Questions

Match the statements 1-3 to the answers A,B,C.

1. is one that starts in the middle of a sorted list, and then determines whether it should continue higher or lower to find a target value

2. is the number of elements it can hold

3. a search through a list from one end to the other

A. size of the array
B. linear search
C. binary search

Multiple Choice Questions

1. the act of assigning values to the array elements

a. populating an array
b. subscript
c. linear search
d. size of the array

2. a number that indicates the position of a particular item within an array

a. out of bounds
b. subscript (index)
c. size of the array
d. linear search

3. a series or list of values in computer memory, all of which have the same name but are differentiated with special numbers called subscripts

a. indirect relationship
b. flag
c. array
d. binary search

True/False Questions

1. a variable that indicates whether some event has occurred  → array

2. describes the relationship between parallel arrays in which an element in the first array does not directly access its corresponding value in the second array → out of bounds

3. describes an array subscript that is not within the range of acceptable subscripts for the array  → out of bounds

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