Course Terms of Use

All Saylor Academy courses are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. For licensing purposes, a "course" is defined as the structure, syllabus, learning outcomes, unit descriptions, and the framing text that accompanies resources curated from third parties. That excludes the third party resources themselves, including the following resources used in this course, which contain the individual licenses listed below:

Dr. Tonya Pierce's Resources:

  • Attributed to Tonya Pierce and Saylor Academy
  • Licensed under CC BY 3.0

Tommy Jay's Resources:

wikiHow Resources:

Cave of Programming Resources:

Wikiversity Resources:

W3Resource Resources:

Hilze Vonck's Resources:

Hoven Trainings Resources:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Resources:

  • Attributed to Massachusetts Institute of Technology and respective authors
  • Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Allen B. Downey's Resources:

Frank McCown's Resources:

Google Code Resources:

  • Attributed to Google
  • Licensed under CC BY 3.0

Frank McCown's Resources:

C++ Reference Resources:

IIT Bombay Resources:

  • Attributed to IIT Bombay and respective authors
  • Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Paul Gribble's Resources:

Kishori Mundargi Resources:

Derrick Robinson's Resources:

David Guichard's Resources:

Wikibooks Resources:

Peter Hosey's Resources:

John Huston's Resources:

Pumpkin Programmer Resources:

Usman Malik's Resources:

  • Attributed to Usman Malik
  • Licensed under CC BY 3.0

Fariba Siddiq's Resources:

  • Attributed to Fariba Siddiq
  • Licensed under CC BY 3.0

Software University Resources:

Keunwoo Lee's Resources:

  • Attributed to Keunwoo Lee and University of Washington
  • Licensed under CC BY-SA 1.0

Mark Lewis' Resources:

Shabbir's Resources:

  • Attributed to Shabbir
  • Licensed under CC BY 3.0

Rudy Prabowo's Resources:

LSST Data Management Development Guide:

Lars Vogel's Resources:

Samuel A. Rebelsky's Resources:

CSE222 Resources:

Biplab Kamal's Resources:

  • Attributed to the Biplab Kamal
  • Licensed under CC BY 3.0

Blitzcoder's Resources:

  • Attributed to the Blitzcoder
  • Licensed under CC BY 3.0
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