Input-Output Exercises

Complete these exercises to check your understanding of input and output.

C Basic Input Output statement Exercises

1. Write a program that converts Centigrade to Fahrenheit.
Expected Output:
Input a temperature (in Centigrade): 45
113.000000 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Write a C program that calculates the volume of a sphere.
Expected Output:
Input the radius of the sphere : 2.56
The volume of sphere is 70.276237.

3. Write a C program that prints the perimeter of a rectangle to take its height and width as input.
Expected Output :
Input the height of the Rectangle : 5
Input the width of the Rectangle : 7
Perimeter of the Rectangle is : 24.000000

4. Write a C program that converts kilometers per hour to miles per hour.
Expected Output:
Input kilometers per hour: 15
9.320568 miles per hour

5. Write a C program that takes hours and minutes as input, and calculates the total number of minutes.
Expected Output:
Input hours: 5
Input minutes: 37
Total: 337 minutes.

6. Write a program in C that takes minutes as input, and display the total number of hours and minutes.
Expected Output:
Input minutes: 546
9 Hours, 6 Minutes

7. Write a program in C that reads a forename, surname and year of birth and display the names and the year one after another sequentially.
Expected Output:
Input your firstname: Tom
Input your lastname: Davis
Input your year of birth: 1982
Tom Davis 1982

8. Write a program in C to calculate the sum of three numbers with getting input in one line separated by a comma.
Expected Output:
Input three numbers separated by comma: 5,10,15
The sum of three numbers: 30

9. Write a C program to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and  division of two numbers.
Expected Output:
Input any two numbers separated by comma: 10,5
The sum of the given numbers: 15
The difference of the given numbers: 5
The product of the given numbers: 50
The quotient of the given numbers: 2.000000

10. Write a C program to find the third angle of a triangle if two angles are given.
Expected Output :
Input two angles of triangle separated by comma : 50,70
Third angle of the triangle : 60

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