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Unit 1 Discussion Unit 1 Discussion

After reviewing the unit materials, post and explore the discussion forum. Feel free to start your own post and respond to other students' posts as well.

Think of a company or social campaign that has caught your attention and assess it by using the 4 Ps of marketing (product, place, price, and ...

Unit 2 Discussion Unit 2 Discussion

Marketing expert Philip Kotler says once the target and position are identified, all other aspects of a marketing campaign fall into place. What do you think he means by that? Pick a marketing campaign that has caught your attention. Who are the marketers targeting? What is their position? Think ...

Unit 4 Discussion Unit 4 Discussion

As we consider how a life cycle might apply to products and services, how might it also apply from a perspective of consumer interest and purchasing patterns? Pick a release of any company's new product, and describe it in terms of its target audience, its place within the existing company brand,...

Unit 5 Discussion Unit 5 Discussion
Observe an advertising campaign for a new product or service. Did you notice the same product or service advertised in different media? Who was the target audience? What was the marketing message? Why did the marketers select the particular medium (or media)? Think of a product or service you ...
Unit 6 Discussion Unit 6 Discussion

What key components do you believe are most essential to maintaining customer satisfaction? How might you address those in your own marketing efforts? Find an example of a social marketing campaign you admire. Who was the marketers' target audience? What media did they select to connect with ...