Identifying Logical Fallacies

Watch these videos on logical fallacies. As you watch, think about how the narrator finds logical fallacies used in persuasive appeals. How can you use these same skills as you read and conduct research?

Fallacies are everywhere! You have learned about some of the most common logical fallacies in this section of the Excelsior OWL, but now, it's time to see some examples of how we encounter these fallacies in our everyday lives.

In this video, a student examines some ads for fallacies. Watch and listen as he identifies fallacies that we should be aware be of.

The key thing to remember with logical fallacies is that we want to avoid faulty logic in our writing and we want to be aware of faulty logic in the source material we find. Even if you can't remember the different types of fallacies explored in the Excelsior OWL, as long as you are aware of logical fallacies and work to avoid any kind of faulty logic, you're going to be in good shape as you develop arguments.

In this video, the student revises her essay to make sure she has avoided logical fallacies in her arguments.

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