Authoring Webpages: "Introduction"

Several behind-the-scenes technologies must cooperate to deliver websites to users who type in a URL or click on a link. While a comprehensive understanding of these technologies is not necessary to build, maintain, or transform a simple website, the fundamentals are helpful as we move towards the skills of writing and editing HTML and CSS. In particular, correctly using terminology can help you successfully ask for help, whether in online forums or from coworkers, peers, mentors, or family members. Moreover, a basic understanding of these technologies may affect the decisions you make as you develop an example website, especially with respect to selection of an HTML standard, hosting your website, and coding for maximum browser compatibility.

This selection introduces fundamental key terms that many users of the Web will already understand. The distinction between web authoring, programming, and web design are important when talking with more experienced collaborators, or when seeking help on web forums. This selection concludes with questions and activities will help you think about what characteristics, features, or content elements you would like your practice website to demonstrate. Keep a record of your responses to these questions and activities.