• Unit 3: Career Exploration

    Unit 3 is an exciting opportunity to examine how your college experience can prepare you for a specific career. This unit will help you distinguish between jobs and careers, give you ideas about college majors you might choose to aim toward a career, and present techniques for building certain skills. As you gain confidence about career possibilities, you learn how to network, how to construct a strong résumé, and how to interview for a job. At the conclusion of this unit, you should have stimulating ideas about attaining your career goals.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 7 hours.

    • 3.1: Why It Matters: Career Exploration

    • 3.2: The Big Picture

    • 3.3: Career Paths

    • 3.4: College Majors

    • 3.5: Professional Skill Building

    • 3.6: Career Development

    • 3.7: Networking

    • 3.8: Résumés and Cover Letters

    • 3.9: Interviewing

    • 3.10: Putting It Together: Career Exploration