Why It Matters: Learning Styles and Strategies

Throughout your college career, you’ll be responsible for learning a wide range of ideas, facts, theories and more, some of which will interest you deeply, but some of which will appeal on only minimal levels. How can you optimize the learning process in order to gain the most from your college experiences? Learn about frameworks for organizing your learning.

As you can see in the next video, learning a new skill or idea can often be painful—sometimes literally! However, once you’ve mastered new knowledge, it can also be the source of great joy and satisfaction. (Note that this video does not have any narration.)

Throughout your college career, you’ll be responsible for learning a lot of new things—some that you will find interesting, and some that you might not. As you approach different topics of study, it’s important to remember that learning happens in stages: you can’t expect to suddenly know everything all at once.

There are several different strategies to help you as you learn. In this section we will learn about different frameworks you can use to organize your own learning. However, it’s important to remember that these ideas are simply starting points—different places for you to begin as you figure out how you learn and as you figure out which strategies work best for you.

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