• Unit 9: Health Management

    Unit 9 is a compendium of recommendations about managing your health and wellbeing in college. Nutrition, good exercise and adequate sleep are vital to this pursuit. But substance abuse, stress, mental health, and sexual health are critical, too, and can mean the difference between staying focused in college or deviating from your intended path of success. Employing safety measures on every level helps you be secure no matter where you are, on or off campus. Your health and wellbeing impact every aspect your life.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 5 hours.

    • 9.1: Why It Matters: Health Management

    • 9.2: Nutrition

    • 9.3: Exercise

    • 9.4: Sleep

    • 9.5: Substance Abuse

    • 9.6: Stress

    • 9.7: Mental Health

    • 9.8: Sexual Health

    • 9.9: Safety

    • 9.10: Putting It Together: Health Management