• Unit 5: Management

    The management practices that a business adopts will inform how well it can achieve its goals and respond to changes in the workplace. For-profit and nonprofit companies achieve their goals through the four steps of management: planning, organizing, controlling, and leading. Technical, conceptual, and interpersonal skills are essential to the management process. It also involves using human, financial, and informational resources. In this unit, we explore how successful business management requires teamwork, communication, creating a clear corporate mission and culture, following good business ethics, and committing to social responsibility.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 16 hours.

    • 5.1: Defining Management

    • 5.2: The Role of Human Resource Management

    • 5.3: Teamwork and Communications

    • 5.4: Forming a Corporate Mission and Culture

    • 5.5: Forming a Corporate Mission and Culture

    • 5.6: Concepts in Business Law

    • Unit 5 Assessment

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