• Unit 5: Project Execution

    Execution involves building the deliverables and controlling the project scope and costs. Risks must also be managed during this phase. Control mechanisms should be in place to control issues and problems as well as to ensure quality. Once the project initiation and planning is complete, the execution phase begins. Ideally the project plan has been approved and base-lined so that the actual work can start.

    This phase includes the coordination of resources to perform the activities outlined in the plan. The project manager must unify all associated areas of the project and engage all stakeholders, project staff, customers, and other resources to achieve a successful outcome. Report gathering is performed regularly during this phase to analyze ongoing status, task changes, and other variances to the plan. Administratively, the project manager must complete or coordinate all status reports to keep the organization abreast of project standing. The majority of the project's tasks are performed during this phase. In this unit, you will learn the core of project management through a review of the organizational techniques required to make sure deliverables are completed on time and on budget.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 8 hours.

    • 5.1: Project Control and Reporting

    • 5.2: Project Quality

    • 5.3: Managing Risks

    • Unit 5 Discussion and Assessment

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