Schedule Baseline

Read this resource, which focuses on optimizing using project resources and time required to complete a project.

At this stage, the project schedule should be optimized to achieve the appropriate balance between resource usage and project duration to meet the project objectives. Once the project schedule is established and agreed upon, the project schedule becomes what is known as the baseline schedule.

We will measure our progress during the execution of our project against this baseline schedule. We can do this in several different ways: comparing calendars using tracking gantt charts, earned value metrics, etc.

This baseline is what the Project Manager uses to judge performance and will look carefully for deviations from this baseline as the work progresses.

In general, we don't change our baseline for the project once it is set. However, if there are major risk events that occur or major changes to scope in the project, we might come back and reset the baseline for a portion or all of the project.

Most project management programs have a way to set the baseline for the project. This allows the software to then make comparisons between our current status (which we have to update) and the baseline schedule. Most programs will also do the earned value calculations for us as well (you must know how to calculate for the PMP and CAPM exam).

Source: J Scott Christianson,
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