Activity: Develop Your Own Social Media Strategy

Download and complete this ungraded activity.

Activity: Develop Your Own Social Media Strategy


You will be creating a social media strategy for a small business or nonprofit. If you like, you may use the organization you currently work for or one that you admire. In order for the strategy to be effective, however, you must get familiar with the organization. This includes knowing its mission statement, organizational structure, and budget for social media. Optionally, you may use the example company listed below.


In order to develop a well-thought out social media strategy, it makes sense to have some sort of basis or guideline for strategy development. For this activity, you will be using the "Social Media Strategy Framework" (see below). Begin by reviewing the framework in full, keeping an eye out for what information you will need to write your strategy and what decisions you will need to make. Next, you will want to review the sample solution, listed directly below the strategy framework. This will give you an idea of what your strategy might look like. Finally, try your hand at creating a social media strategy for your selected company by writing out the information for each step in the strategy framework. This activity should take you between 3 to 5 hours to complete.

Example Company:

You are a startup nonprofit with the mission of getting clean water to people in developing nations. After taking this course, you are inspired to try to raise money online and then donate it to your favorite clean water charity. A generous donation from a family friend has given you the ability to do this for one year without having to earn income in any other way. You even have up to $5,000 to spend on the project if you like. Your mission statement is: "Enabling Americans to easily provide clean water to those in need". You realize that social media will be a key way to accomplish your mission. What should your social media strategy be?

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