• Unit 5: Managing Employees: Motivation, Empowerment, and Conflict Resolution

    One of your most important functions as a manager is motivating your employees to do their best while attempting to meet corporate goals. When employees are motivated, they will seek out ways to improve their work production and maximize their performance. By giving employees the freedom to act on their own knowledge and skills, you will encourage them to ultimately be more productive for the company by fully utilizing their skill sets and, in the process, growing as professionals.

    Every work environment encompasses a wide variety of personalities and professional styles. As a result, conflicts are sure to arise. Effective managers know how to address a conflict when it arises and how to frequently work in concert with others to ensure a speedy resolution.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 5 hours.

    • 5.1: Motivation

      • 5.1.1: Case Study: Zappos Creates a Motivating Place to Work

      • 5.1.2: Need-Based Theories of Motivation in Management

      • 5.1.3: Process-Based Theories of Motivation in Management

      • 5.1.4: How to Develop Your Personal Motivation Skill Set

    • 5.2: Empowerment

    • 5.3: Conflict Resolution

        • 5.3.1: Case Study: PointCast

        • 5.3.2: Management's Conflict Essentials

        • 5.3.3: Identifying the Causes and Outcomes Associated with Conflict

        • 5.3.4: Implementing Conflict Management

        • 5.3.5: Management Must Understand Negotiations

        • 5.3.6: Conflict Resolution

        • 5.3.7: Bringing It All Together

      • Unit 5 Assessment

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