• Unit 8: Decision-Making

    The essential function of a manager is to make decisions. Decision-making is about making choices between alternatives to reach a goal or objective. In our personal lives, decision-making can involve determining many things, such as where we live, what foods we eat, and who our friends are. In business, decision-making can revolve around the products and services that a company offers, the markets it serves, the people it hires, and so on.

    In this unit, we will look at the decision-making process, paying close attention to the basic decision types, tools, methods, and insights to help you quickly learn how it involves both logic and emotion. When you complete the course, you will have practical tools to quickly determine the type of decision you are trying to make, the available tools and methods you may use, and the way to effectively engage your teams in the process.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 4 hours.

    • 8.1: A Framework for Decision-Making

        • 8.1.1: Case Study: B. Ebbers Creates Biased Decision-Making at WorldCom

        • 8.1.2: The Foundation of Management Decision-Making

        • 8.1.3: Decision-Making and Management Challenges

        • 8.1.4: Groupthink in the Decision-Making Process

        • 8.1.5: Developing Your Own Management Decision-Making Skills

        • 8.1.6: Framing a Decision

      • 8.2: Making Choices

          • 8.2.1: The Decision-Making Process

          • 8.2.2: Decision-Making Techniques

          • 8.2.3: The Challenges of Decision-Making

          • 8.2.4: Decision-Making

          • 8.2.5: Complex Decision-Making

        • Unit 8 Assessment

          • Receive a grade