• Unit 7: Social Media Marketing

    Social media refers to digital technologies which allow people to interact. The foundation stems from how people talk and behave without a standard set of rules or principles to follow. There can be a shift in social media set by the users, which causes tech developers and marketers to adjust the way they create or produce. Therefore, it is critical to understand social media and stay abreast of the trends and patterns in data. Social media buzz does not necessarily mirror society. The insights found on social media are sometimes a poor reflection of real social life. In this unit, you will understand the trends, content, communication, platforms, and marketing used across social networking sites (SNS). The next sections will guide you in understanding each component.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 3 hours.

    • 7.1: Introduction to Social Media Marketing

    • 7.2: Content Marketing

    • 7.3: Email Marketing

    • 7.4: Social Media Platforms