• Unit 4: Effective Business Writing

    This unit will discuss writing in business context, and how effective writing compares with effective speaking. Successful writing develops from good habits like reading, targeted writing practice, and critical thinking, and is characterized by the use of rhetorical and cognitive strategies. In this unit, you will learn how to apply appropriate styles and ethical principles in business writing contexts while recognizing the kinds of barriers that can challenge communication objectives and outcomes. You will also explore the different ways that writing skills are applied and how to write effective documents.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 6 hours.

    • 4.1: Oral vs. Written Communication

    • 4.2: How Is Writing Learned?

    • 4.3: Principles of Good Written Communication and Writing Style

    • 4.4: Overcoming Barriers to Effective Written Communication

    • 4.5: Business Writing in Action

    • Unit 4 Assessment

      • Receive a grade