U.S. Small Business Administration: "Facts about Government Grants"

Take about 15 minutes to read this page and explore the application forms. In this reading, the small business administration clarifies the federal government's approach to grant financing. It is important to note that all grants issued have a great deal of reporting and compliance requirements. What does this means to someone seeking a grant? There will be a great deal of paperwork associated with obtaining the grant. This also means there will be follow-up paperwork, providing insight on the use of the grant money. These requirements are in place because government grants are funded by taxpayer dollars. There are a number of additional hyperlinks that will take you to a multitude of additional resources. Also, check out Does the SBA offer Grants?. The federal government provides resources for individual states, so they may provide more specialized assistance to individuals within their respective states. Each state has its own small business division, and the title of the division will vary by state.