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1.3.7: Workplace Personality Tests Discussion: The Big Five Personality Test

Reflect on the Big Five Personality Test that you have just explored. What type of personality do you believe defines your individual preferences? Do you feel that your personality style has changed over time based on your experiences? Share your thoughts on these questions in the discussion ...

2.1.3: The Role of Social Networking in the 21st Century Discussion: Social Networking and the Workplace

Reflect on the social networking article that you just read. Is social networking, as a business activity, part of your workplace responsibilities? Do you feel that personal social networking activities are conducted too much during the workday, distracting employees from their duties? Why or why...

3.1.7: Building Organizational Culture in a New Business Venture Discussion: Company Culture

Reflect on the article about company culture that you have just read. Consider a company you have worked for, or one that you are familiar with, in which the culture was a positive one. What were the aspects of this culture that made your experience positive? On the flip side, have you ever ...

3.2.2: Generational Diversity Discussion: Generational Diversity

Reflect on the article about generational diversity that you have just read. What, if any, impact does generational diversity have on your own workplace? Are younger, more technologically comfortable employees tolerant of older employees who may not possess as many technological skills? Have you ...

6.1.2: Recruiting and Keeping Quality Employees Discussion: Developing Employees

Reflect on the article you have just read about training and the development of employees. Often, employees feel that job training is ineffective or unnecessary. What experiences have you had with employee training that were beneficial, or, in contrast of little value?

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7.2.8: An Overview of Goal-Setting Strategies Discussion: Setting and Achieving Powerful Goals

Reflect on the article that you have just read about setting and achieving goals. What steps do you take to ensure that you set goals and take action to achieve those goals? What do you do when you find that you have gone off track?

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